The weirdest branding session I’ve ever had was with a couple and their dog.

Not because they were weird.

They were everything a photographer dreams of in a client.

And then there was their dog.

To me, it was just a bulldog.
A family pet accompanying its owners on a session.

I’ve done a few of those before.

We started the session like any other – chatting, adjusting settings for the lighting, getting comfortable in front of the lens with natural poses.

But a few clicks in, I started to notice a small crowd forming.

A few photos with the dog…
A few with the couple…

And the crowd behind me had grown even bigger.

The couple, who were very oblivious to the growing crowd, carried on as if nothing was out of the norm.

Eventually, with people now getting closer, I realized that this wasn’t the norm for a photoshoot at all.

Turns out, the bulldog was a famous marketing dog, seen on national TV and various platforms, and I had no clue.

It was only when a little girl approached my clients mid-pose to ask if she could have a photograph with Murphy, the bulldog, that it clicked!

Slight oversight on my end… 😀 But I got to hear all about Murphy and his stardom.

A famous bulldog.

Who woulda thought?