North Atlanta Family Photographer

Timeless | Unscripted | Real

Documentary-style family photography & keepsake films.
North Atlanta Family Photographer
Based in Cumming, GA

Capture their curiosity.
Their runny noses and their dirty feet on the couch.
Their tired yawns and belly laughs. Their favorite toy. 
It won’t be their favorite forever.

Little garden adventures. Big kid business.
It’s all there. And you see it.
And you want to hold onto it forever.
But you forget.

You think you won’t. You never intend to.
But you do.
That’s what time does.

Investing in your family’s photography is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.

Wherever you are in life,
No matter how busy,
One day you’ll look back
And you’ll want to remember;
How it felt to be there
In those ordinary moments

Will you remember?

“Tanya is so great with kids, you don’t even realize that she is photographing you.”
– Monique

What is documentary family photography & films?

I’m here to capture the real and the honest. Documentary sessions capture your life in all its ordinary glory. You bring YOU, and I do the rest. These sessions are very relaxed – whether they’re in a park, in your home or on an outing to the aquarium. 

There’s no telling the kids to smile, or to behave. I love capturing them as they unleash their full little personalities. There’s no scripting or formal posing. I might gently guide you into an activity together or move you to fully capture a moment, but mostly, it’s unposed and unscripted.

Most importantly, you all get to be yourselves and enjoy yourselves, while I work to make sure you’re all comfortable and forgetting I’m there with my camera.

North Atlanta Family Photographer

Hello there!

My name is Tanya and I’m a North Atlanta Family Photographer, based in Cumming, GA. I’m originally from South Africa but moved to the United States with my husband and daughter in 2019. 

I specialize in documenting family stories through photography and videography. 
I fell in love with documenting families after becoming a mother, and while I mostly captured weddings, I quickly found purpose to my photography through family films & photography. 


North Atlanta Family Photographer