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It took becoming a mom to realise the beauty in capturing the now.

And that learning to live a balanced, fulfilled life with a business I love and the flexibility to spend time with the people I love most mattered the most.


I see you trying.

You’re busting your butt off.

Working around the clock, juggling family, worrying about bookings and overcoming imposter syndrome while trying all the strategies to
build the photography business
of your dreams.

On the outside, it might look like you
have it all figured out. But on the inside, you know…

you’re made for so much more.

Hi, I’m Tanya!

I teach photographers a profitable & easy to implement strategy for putting their words to work and building a highly engaged social media presence and website with content marketing & traffic-boosting SEO.


Grab a coffee and come along as I help you put your heart and passion into your business so dream clients can find you, book you and love what you create.

Outsource your blogging or SEO

SEO for Photographers

Let’s simplify your SEO and get your photography business to page one of Google!
A done-with-you service for wedding and family photographers that helps you
target your dream client & work on SEO that you can easily
implement to bring in a steady stream of organic traffic.

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How to optimize images for SEO for photographers

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