Why I gave up weddings to photograph families now

Why I gave up weddings to photograph families now

Why I gave up weddings to only photograph families

I had stars in my eyes in the shapes of bouquets and chapels when I just started photographing. But I loved to photograph families and just years later, decided that I would leave weddings to focus only on family photography.

It all started after I became a mom for the first time. While heavily pregnant, I attended an international newborn photography workshop with the hopes to capture perfect portraits of my bayb girl once she arrived.

Fast forward 10 days after birth and everything I had learned in that workshop went flying out the window when my brand new baby would have none of it. ;/

I put my camera down and didn’t pick it up again for a few weeks.

Picking up my Camera again

When I eventually did, I captured her around our home and that’s when I fell in love with in-home documentary and felt a deeper tug to photograph families.

No forced posing (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and instead focusing on the tiny, fleeting moments.

And that’s how I landed up offering similar family photoshoots to other moms and families!

Once I returned from maternity leave, I continued to photography mostly weddings every weekend until my daughter was about two years old. My approach to weddings had changed too, focusing more on connection, families, and the stories as they unfolded on a wedding day.

By the time my daughter turned 3, I was capturing weddings over weekends and multiple families during the week. It was a one-way ticket to burn out and so, when we decided to move across the world to the United States, I decided to give up wedding photography.

And ever since, while I have largely slowed down my photography business to adjust to living abroad, I have been documenting families and stories and I’ve loved the change of pace and purpose for my business.

Will I ever go back to photographing weddings? I’m not sure.

Photographing families gives me far more purpose than weddings ever did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every wedding I photographed.

But families… they’re just really special.

If you’d like to schedule in a family photoshoot with me, get in touch here and we can get planning!

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